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Splash Pad for Cats & Dogs


  • 【Best Summer Dog Toy 】Your dog’s jumps and barks for joy while frolicking through the water are bound to warm your heart and create some sweet summer memories. Splash pads give dogs something fun to do while you’re busy working at home or away from home at work or school. You may also find that your dog will spend more time playing on their own if they have access to one of these fun toys!
  • 【More Durable Dog Pool】This dog splash pad is made from heavy-duty PVC (0.55mm)able to withstand claws as well as the hot weather. The soft material makes it easy for your dog to jump in and out without hurting herself on sharp edges.Although, you’ll definitely want to trim them to help extend the life of your sprinkler.
  • 【Easy To Setup】Just plug the Sprinkler Pad into a garden hose or PVC tubing, and adjust the water pressure to lower or heighten the spray height and let the entertainment begin!Keep in mind that water pressure may vary based on each individual’s home.If your garden hose has a 3/4″ connection, which can connect directly to the dog splash pad (The fitting is suitable for water pipes without thread)
  • 【Water Party】Do your dogs like to party? Our dogs like to party! And the only thing they like better than a party is a POOL PARTY! They do like getting wet can be quite entertaining to watch as they run and jump through the spray from a splash pad. Some dogs will even try to catch the falling water in their mouths and then shake their heads back and forth in order to get rid of it — just like we do when we’re caught in the rain.


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