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Tree for Indoor Cats


  • Double Large Perch: This 52.6in tree has two large Perch with well-padded raised edges, covered with long fur for extra softness, providing comfort and plenty of room for your cats to stretch or yawn
  • Double Cat Cave, quite spacious: This cat furniture comes with two spacious cat cave, 15.7 inches long x 11 inches wide x 15.7 inches high, suitable for larger or chubby cats
  • Soft Hammock: Cats naturally like to feel wrapped up, which makes them feel safe, so a comfortable, sturdy basket to hide in is always essential
  • Sisal scratching stairs: [Climb. Scratch. Relax. All in One] The All Sisal Scratching Stairs allows cats to stretch out, scratch comfortably and unleash their natural instincts, thus ensuring the safety of your furniture.
  • 2 Spare Pompom: if your cat really likes the pompom on this fun cat furniture, there is another spare (if you don’t like the noise, the spare doesn’t have a bell)


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